What size Airchamber is best for you?

With nine different sizes of Airchamber available we are often asked which one we recommend for a particular car or motorbike. Our general advice on this is to choose the size which best fits the space available rather than just a particular cars’ dimensions.

There are many reasons for our advice. As there are now Airchambers that are still in use after more than 20 years, are you likely to change your current vehicle at some time for something that might be wider, longer or taller? Will you wish to dry store more than just a car during the winter months, for instance bikes, toolboxes, spare parts? And will you  want to carry out minor maintenance or cleaning without moving your car, in which case the extra space in a wider or longer Airchamber will be a great advantage.

Another question often asked is will a particular size of Airchamber fit in a garage with an “up and over” door? There is only one way to check this out and it has to be done in situ. We recommend you choose your ideal Airchamber size, the dimensions are shown here and measure the footprint of the Airchamber where you wish to position it, marking the line of the entrance end of the Airchamber (a chalk line will do) on the garage floor. Take a stick or pole and mark the height of the Airchamber (most models are 1.8m tall) and hold it vertically on the line you have marked while operating  the garage door. You will easily see if there is sufficient clearance as the door operates.