12V Automatic Battery Conditioner


12V Automatic Battery Conditioner


The complete and economical solution to the problem of  a flat battery on any car, motorbike, boat, light aircraft and even self-start lawn mower that is used infrequently. Simply connect to the battery terminals, plug into a mains supply and forget, leaving the Airflow Battery Conditioner to turn itself on and off as your battery needs it to maintain a full charge!

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Any infrequently used vehicle, whether a classic, family runabout or modern supercar will soon suffer battery problems if this vital component is not regularly charged. That’s not just inconvenient but a battery which is not continually exercised will also have a much shorter service life.

The Airflow Automatic Battery Conditioner is a high quality micro processor controlled trickle charger designed specifically to avoid these problems.

Ideal for any 12V lead/acid or gel type battery the Airflow Automatic Battery Conditioner is lightweight, compact and stylish and suitable for vehicles with the latest stop-start battery technology.

Connected to your vehicle battery using crocodile clips, or the quick connect permanent wiring supplied with the unit, Airflow Battery Conditioner’s advanced design constantly monitors battery voltage and supplies a trickle charge  when needed, to keep your battery fully charged.

Supplied with an extra-long 5m mains lead, crocodile clip battery connectors  and a handy car window hangar the Airflow Battery Conditioner is easy to connect and use.

An optional cigar lighter connector is available for use on vehicles with a permanently live cigar lighter or auxiliary 12V socket.


  • 230/240V AC Power input and useful 5m long power lead
  • Connects to your battery with crocodile clips, alternate permanent connector leads are also included
  • Advanced  micro-processor control with LED Battery status indicator
  • Suitable for all types of automotive 12V Lead/acid, sealed or gel type battery.
  • Reverse Polarity warning
  • Thermal cut-out protection
  • Designed to be left connected for extended periods of time
  • Can be used without disconnecting vehicle electrics
  • No danger of overcharging batteries
  • Useful car window hanger bracket included
  • 5cm x 6cm x10cm weighs 600g

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UK 3-pin, EU 2-pin