Airflow Drip Tray


Airflow Drip Tray


There’s an old saying in the classic car world that if it doesn’t leak oil there’s probably none in it! Our extra large drip tray is designed to catch oil leaks from both engine and transmission units, with its rolled edge construction it also catches nuts and bolts that are dropped during maintenance. The answer to keeping your garage floor or drive oil-stain free!

Please note the driptray is only available for shipping to UK mainland addresses.



Measuring 119.4 x 63.5cms the Airflow Drip Tray is large enough to catch fluid leaks from both engine and transmission on most vehicles. Made from pressed steel  with a 1cm high rolled edge which avoids sharp edges the galvanised finish makes the tray easy to clean. It is completely rust proof so will never look unsightly when placed under even the most exotic machinery.

Its shape and size make it is easy to slide between the front or rear wheels of most vehicles, and the rolled edges ensure it remains flat at all times.


  • Galvanised rust proof steel
  • 1cm deep with rolled wire edges
  • Catches fluids and dropped nuts and bolts that otherwise disappear
  • 119.4cms long 63.5cms wide

Please note

Due to the large size of the Drip Tray and its packaging we can only ship to UK inland addresses. You are, of course, welcome to collect from our premises in Oxfordshire. or by arrangement at one of the many classic car events we attend.

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Weight 1.50 kg