Looking after your Airchamber

Like any piece of equipment your Airchamber does benefit from some regular tlc to keep it operating efficiently. We recommend the following simple actions are carried out at least every three months:

  1. Clean the airfilters, best done by removing them from the fan housing after switching off the power to avoid damaging a fan while it is rotating. Wash the filters thoroughly in soapy water to remove trapped dust and debris then rinse in lukewarm water. NB it is important to completely dry the filter(s) before refitting, otherwise excess moisture will be drawn through the fan which can shorten its operating life.
  2. Lubricate the zips with a furniture polish containing beeswax (aerosol cans are the easiest to use).
  3. Clean any traces of oil or hydraulic fluid from the base mat of the Airchamber and sweep out any traces of debris, in particular small stones and gravel which can wear or even puncture the  base mat. Many of our customers find our large Driptrays are a good way to prevent oil leaks from contaminating the Airchamber floor.
  4. To obtain maximum life from the fans don’t turn them off, for instance when you use your car or motorbike or during warm weather. The power consumption of the fans is extremely low and they are designed for continuous operation.