Car Covers

Car Covers

We specialise in supplying high quality car covers made from specially developed materials and which are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Choose between our large range of semi tailored covers or have one individually tailored for your vehicle.

Moltex luxury outdoor cover

Our Moltex outdoor cover range has been selected by us for offering the ultimate combination of weather protection, durability and fit at affordable prices. Manufactured from a 5-layer breathable yet fully waterproof material, with a soft fleece interior layer they are semi-tailored to provide a close fit on vehicles of various sizes and bodyshapes. With 30 sizes to choose from we are certain there is a cover which will fit and protect your car from even extreme weather conditions. With double stitched seams and elasticated at front and rear these covers also have two underbody straps to keep the cover in place even in high winds. While no car cover can ever prevent condensation from depositing water droplets on your car body (due to temperature fluctuations, particularly at night) the breathable characteristic of the material used will help dry any moisture that does collect as efficiently as possible. Select a cover model from our range that most suits the dimensions of your car and its shape, or if you need advice on sizing please call our knowledgeable staff, we are pleased to help.

SOFTEX showerproof covers

Suitable for indoor and occasional outdoor use these semi-tailored covers are made from a lightweight 3-layer breathable material and are available in red, green and royal blue. Many of our customers choose these covers because they protect from dust and dirt while used indoors but can be packed for use when touring with your car or when it has to be left out. The inner layer of these reasonably priced covers is the same soft synthetic fleece used in our outdoor covers which will not absorb moisture, while the inner layer is UV resitant.

Fully Tailored Indoor Covers

Whatever your car, be it a classic or modern supercar, we will make a fully tailored cover to fit, complete with mirror pocket(s) or to accommodate spoilers. The super soft material is available in a wide choice of colours and can be customised with matching piping on the seams of the cover and we will print the logo of your choice if required on the fabric. For indoor use only these superb covers will protect against dust and dirt and as they are handmade to order please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Convertible Hood Covers

Tailored to cover the cabin section of the car our hood covers protect against extremes of weather, and bird droppings as well as eliminating UV discolouring of the hood fabric. The fabric is our Moltex breathable brand but without the inner fleece lining which is unnecessary against the soft fabric of a convertible hood. The cover attaches with two webbing straps and is perfect for keeping frost from the screen and windows.

“I have owned many classic cars most of which spend a lot of time stored in my garage and I always protect them with Airflow car covers, which eradicate the problem of dust and protect against prying eyes, fingers and accidental scuffing. These covers fit like a second skin and look fantastic too.” John Kettering, Surrey.

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