Airchamber could have saved this classic car collection

Every now and then a really outstanding “barn find” collection of many superb and very rare classic cars emerges in the most unlikely locations. One recent revelation has just surfaced and can be seen at our friends Magneto Magazine’s website

As this extraordinary collection prepares to go under the hammer, we can’t help wondering what the uplift in the value of this collection would have been if the collector had chosen to keep his cars in Airchambers? It must run into many hundreds of thousands of Euros.

We are proud to be able to record many thousands of customers around the world who do rely on their Airchambers to keep their collections of vehicles in dry, clean condition. Most Airchamber owners have just a single classic, many with 2 to 5 vehicles, and we have one collection with more than 120 interesting cars and motorbikes all safely kept in our product.

Of course if every classic was kept in an Airchamber there would no longer be a need for so many restoration companies, but it does make sense for owners of recently restored classics to invest in an Airchamber to keep their vehicles in lasting pristine condition.

A nicely restored VW Campervan kept in our Extra High size Airchamber
A very nice VW Campervan kept in our Extra High size Airchamber