Airchamber Dry Car Storage


Car Airchamber is the economical, energy saving dry car storage solution for damp garages, barns and workshops. Whatever you are storing – a classic or modern car, motorbike or bicycle - even temporary storage can result in permanent damage from the effects of dust and condensation which encourages rust and mildew. With its unique inner frame Airchamber is much more practical, and usable than a Car bubble.

  • Airchamber creates a perfectly dry environment to prevent corrosion and mildew and filters out airborne dust
  • Unique 3-D rigid frame ensures maximum internal space, 1.8m height, and allows instant access
  • Super economical to run with power saving 12V fans
  • Protects against accidental damage, keeps pets and children at bay
  • Multiple sizes to cover most vehicles and storage needs
  • Air filters are efficient, long lasting and easily cleaned
  • Much more effective, economical, and environmentally friendly than  dehumidifier units, and so much less trouble than a bubble.
  • Not in the UK or EU? No problem, we ship worldwide; just call or email us for a shipping quote. All products shipped to addresses outside the UK are shown at checkout and charged by us free of UK VAT. However, local taxes may be payable by you to the shipping company on delivery .

Could moisture be killing your car or possessions?

Unless you keep them in a controlled environment it most certainly will be. Nothing poses a bigger threat to the owners of cherished vehicles and possessions than hidden moisture and constant condensation. That’s why serious car collectors and storage companies throughout the world use Airchamber to preserve their vehicles and possessions from long term damage through corrosion and mildew as well as dust and airborne pollutants.

Stop the Rot …

The reason Airchamber works so well is it is simple yet extremely effective. And in a world of ever increasing energy costs it is a very economical dry storage solution for both individual collectors and professional storage companies who recognise Airchamber UK as the leading company in car and bike preservation products.
Twin highly efficient fans flow up to 50,000 litres of clean air through the storage cell after even the smallest airborne particles have been trapped by the electrostatic filters. Moving air naturally absorbs moisture by promoting evaporation just as a washing line does. The moisture escapes with the airflow as water vapour through vents and the closed zips in the Airchamber cover. Even a wet car can dry relatively quickly in an Airchamber. And because the air is constantly being replenished the chamber will remain condensation free (quite simply because rapid changes in temperature cannot occur). The result is  dry and clean storage conditions, a beautifully cleaned car or motorbike will remain so even when kept in an Airchamber for long periods of time.

Other popular storage uses

Electrical Goods

Computer Equipment


Garden Equipment



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