Airchamber or Dehumidifier for dry car storage?

Providing dry storage for your classic or cherished vehicle is becoming increasingly expensive as the cost of electricity continues to rise. So, there’s no better time to invest in an Airchamber to protect your car or bike from the corrosive effects of a damp, condensation prone garage or barn.

Compared to the cost of running even the most efficient dehumidifier, Airchamber’s simple and effective solution to eliminating damp and condensation will save up to 95% on your energy bill. And you get the benefit of ensuring a secure, dirt and dust free environment for your vehicle.

OK we hear you say, prove it then. So, let’s look at how a dehumidifier works.

Dehumidifiers are essentially refrigerators, cooling air blown through the unit to a temperature below its dew point so that water vapour condenses into liquid water which is collected in a reservoir that needs constant emptying. The dried air then exhausts into your garage space which needs to be completely sealed to ensure a dry environment. They use a refrigerant pump and a blower fan powered by mains voltage. Even the most efficient small dehumidifier is rated at 255W, that’s 6 KWh (or 6 units of electricity) a day. With electricity now costing at least 30p/unit the annual cost of running a dehumidifier is now £657 on top of your normal electricity bill!

Airchamber on the other hand works utilising two natural principles from physics and meteorology.
• Moving air absorbs moisture (that’s how a washing line works)
• Air moving through a large, enclosed space doesn’t change temperature, so can’t form condensation

Airchamber uses two small efficient 12volt fans to blow filtered air through the chamber, around and over your vehicle, exhausting through a vent and the zips of the entrance door. Power consumed by the fans is 0.64amps at 12V, less than 8W or 0.18 units a day (or 67 units per year). That’s less than £20 per year, compared to the £657 for a dehumidifier, and as a bonus Airchamber’s filtered air supply keeps its contents perfectly clean and dust free.

Unlike a “bubble” Airchamber has an internal frame so no power is used to maintain its shape and support the envelope. It also provides drive-in, drive-out ease of use, it’s much less trouble than a bubble!

If you would like more information about how Airchamber can work for you please call us on 01367 718550, we like talking to our customers!