Welcome to AirFlow UK

Established in 1974 Airflow UK is a family owned business which has much experience in designing, developing and producing innovative and practical car (and motorcycle) care products which include our very successful Airchamber.

Staffed entirely by classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts you are always assured of a warm and knowledgeable welcome whether your enquiry is by telephone, our website or in person at our Hampshire office. We aim to provide the highest standard of customer service and will always provide detailed and unbiased advice on the suitability of our products for your particular needs. By keeping large stocks of our products we normally dispatch orders to you within 24 hours by specialist domestic and international courier service.

We maintain close relationships with most major car clubs and aim to attend as many events during the year as possible where we look forward to meeting our many loyal past customers and future ones as well! Look for the Airflow stand and hospitality unit at these events and do come and say hello to us.

  • Creates a perfectly dry environment to prevent rust and mildew and filters out airborne dust
  • Unique 3-D rigid frame ensures maximum internal space and allows instant access.
  • Super economical to run with power saving 12V fans
  • Protects against accidental damage, keeps pets and children at bay
  • Multiple sizes to cover most vehicles and storage needs
  • Air filters are efficient,long lasting and easily cleaned
  • Much more effective and energy efficient than any dehumidifier

We appreciate that Airchamber is not always a practical solution to protect your car or motorbike from the effects of moisture and dust and dirt for many of our customers. So we stock a wide range of durable, high quality covers for both outdoor and indoor uses. Our Moltex 5-layer outdoor car and bike covers are semi-tailored and available in 30 sizes and shapes to suit cars from Austin 7 to Rolls Royce, Lotus 7 to DB9 and in a choice of shapes to fit pre-war saloons to current production supercars. For the discerning owner we also make bespoke fully tailored covers in a wide choice of colours with matching piping.

Our own design 12V Automatic Battery Conditioner is a compact, tried and trusted essential for any infrequently used car, motorbike, boat or even self-start garden equipment. Never experience a flat battery again, and increase battery life by many years. We also offer 3-step battery chargers for 6V, 12V and 28V applications that are both small but powerful.

The Airflow oil drip tray is large enough to protect your Airchamber and garage or warehouse floors from leaking seals on both engine and transmission units in the largest cars.

We also stock wing covers, our unique Kangaroo jump leads as well as many other car care products.